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The Bee's Knees at Email Lead Generation

Hampshire Lead Generation is a specialist email lead generation agency in Portsmouth, committed to delivering exceptional results to our customers. 

A trading division of Proven Concept Limited formed in 2012, we are proud to serve a wide and diverse range of businesses throughout the world and in almost every B2B market. 

Our Directors

Paul Clarke PPC Consultant Hampshire
Paul Clarke
Managing Director

Paul formed Hampshire Lead Generation and our parent company, Proven Concept, in 2012. His experience spans over 10 years of lead generation and online marketing success, managing over 150 campaigns in more than 50 business sectors and throughout 5 continents.

Paul has a great eye for the finer detail and loves nothing more than untackling complex challenges. 

James Warwick
Client Director

James joined Hampshire Lead Generation in 2019 after a successful start to his career as a BBC journalist.

James quickly developed the business side to his skill set and progressed to become a Director managing our most successful customer accounts.

James is a keen weather enthusiast and has developed large social media audiences that share his passion.

james colour
nigel collins

Nigel Collins
Business Development Director

Nigel joined Hampshire Lead Generation and our parent company, Proven Concept, in 2021. His business development experience spans over 20 years and a variety of sectors.

Nigel is a great listener and probably the most patient member of our team. Dreams daily about doing up an old camper van and driving around Europe living the simple life. 🙂

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